Which Team Performed Worst in IPL History?

IPL is one of the toughest T20 leagues in the world as brilliant players from all across the world, from different teams, come to play in one single team and create something of a dream team. However, all the teams in the IPL are created in this way and this is the main reason why this league is considered to be so tough. 

Now, it is obvious that since there is a winner, there is obviously going to be a team that is placed at the bottom of the table. While there is no team that wants to be termed as the worst team of IPL, fans do want to know about the team with the worst performances and which team has been the most unsuccessful team in the league. Here, we are going to tell you about the most unsuccessful team in ipl and what are their records. 

Which are the Most Unsuccessful Teams in IPL?

The craze for the Indian Premiere league is very high in India and fans of the league want to know every bit of information that they can get about their desired players and favourite teams and this is why here we are sharing with your information regarding the worst teams in IPL History who have yet to win a title and create an impact. 

  • Punjab Kings 

With a win percentage of 45.90 per cent which is not even 59, Punjab Kings is the most unsuccessful team in IPL as the team has yet to win a title and create an impact in the league. While the team has shown spark for the first few seasons, it has not managed to remain consistent and has shown very poor performance. The team has only managed to qualify for the playoffs once in the year 2014, the same year they topped the table. 

The team consisted of brilliant and star players like Kumar Sangakkara, Brett Lee, Chris Gayle and KL rahul over the years however, they have not managed to win a lot and leave any long-lasting impact in the league. 

  • Delhi Capitals 

The next team to feature on this list with a win percentage of 46 per cent is Delhi Capitals formerly known as Delhi Daredevils. Delhi capitals never lacked superstars in their team however, year after year, the performance of the team has remained inconsistent and now shown any significant development. 

Players like AB de Villiers, David Warner, Andre Russell. Gautam Gambhir, Virendra Sehwag and Glenn Maxwell featured in the team but, the title has always remained out of their grasp. 

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore

Royal Challengers Bangalore or RCB also features on this list of worst team in IPL as the team has a win percentage of 48.20 per cent which is not good for a team that has so many stars in it and particularly the Indian Batsman Virat Kohli. Led by Virat Kohli for almost 10 seasons, the batting lineup of the team was considered to be one of the deadliest batting lineups with Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers and Kohli himself however, even with all these players, the team has yet to win a title.

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