What is better Norton or TotalAV?

Norton and Total AV are two very popular programs which exist in the industry of antivirus and since both are highly ranked users often get into a conflict to choose which one. 

Are you confused between Norton is better or if total AV is better, if yes, then this is the blog where you will find an honest comparison between the both so that you can decide which one is better for you. 

So, without wasting time let us immediately get started to know about total av antivirus review and Norton review in this blog. 

Which is better in terms of protection? 

Since both of them are antivirus they must have a good protection system and this is why we are going to first know about which one offers you better protection. 

Total AV has got around six points in the lab testing for its performance and usability, and as for malware protection Norton as well as total AV both have three stars. 

But if we evaluate everything overall then Norton is considered to be more safe and secure than Total AV in performance.

Scanning options available on both platforms 

As for scanning options, both the options have plenty of options for its users like, Norton has several types of scans available for the users such as smart scan, quick scan, full system scan, custom scan and Norton insight.. 

Total AV also has options for you like, quick scan, system scan, smart scan and custom scan. So, depending on this you can see which one you find suitable for you. 

Firewall protection for the users 

When we talk about any antivirus website, firewall protection is a very major part however, in the battle between these two antivirus applications Total av antivirus does not have this feature and only Norton has it. 

There are some other features also which are available in Norton but on in Total AV such as pc cloud backup, parental control and secure crypto mining.  

So, if we are considering all these things we find that both of the tools are almost equal, only total av lacks some features which Norton has, hence this makes Norton better than total av and have an upper hand in the comparison between the two. 

You can find out more about these or other antivirus tools if you will access a website cleaner suite and explore to find some useful source of information. 

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